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Putting research to work in the real world supporting learning

You know those nagging feelings when you’re leading innovative, ambitious work? Feelings that either you might be wearing the emperor’s new clothes or that there’s some secret knowledge just out of reach? We help put those concerns to rest by rapidly synthesizing existing research across fields that demonstrates your work is evidence-based while simultaneously providing insights for deepening impact and increasing reach. This approach is faster, more efficient, and more likely to produce insights that are actionable and make business sense than a typical evaluation.

We don’t stop at analysis for strategic planning. Our wide-ranging experience leading technology, professional learning, communications, fundraising, and policy initiatives—in addition to researchallows us to work with you to implement strategies and design products and services across your organization that capitalize on research insights. 






Darren Cambridge, President

Darren Cambridge, President

"For over 15 years, I have worked to open equitable access to fulfilling life pathways for all. Throughout, change has been a constant. My collaborators and I thrive on change. We understand the big picture as well as the specific objectives and stand ready to shift focus, approach, and timing to achieve the greatest mission impact. Embracing your sense of urgency, we do whatever it takes to rise to the challenge." 
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Cambridge Learning Group’s validation of our work was critical in defending it against critics that believed we would not be successful with our goal to deploy and operate a statewide portfolio infrastructure — we were! I will always be grateful for their work on helping to define our ‘lifelong and lifewide’ eFolioMinnesota program.
Darren has a rare combination of intellectual vision, political agility, and managerial facility. Equally comfortable on stage or working in the background, he draws on a diverse network to build teams with the ideal mix of talent for each project he leads and to rally support across the field. His collaborative leadership style and deep educational wisdom makes working with him a joy and always results in a high quality outcome.
— Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, CEO, Powerful Learning Practice
Cambridge Learning Group is helmed by a thoughtful and innovative education leader. But he also has experience in software development. This combination results in a distinctive ability to translate ideas from theory/research into practical requirements and design recommendations. The firm is an asset to a range of stakeholders, including businesses, edtech developers, and educators.


DOMAINS of expertise

Insatiably curious, we have a proven record of developing facility with unfamiliar domains of practice very quickly.  Functional areas where Cambridge Learning Group experts have led significant work include:

  • Communications
  • Development 
  • Knowledge management 
  • Policy and advocacy
  • Research and evaluation 
  • Strategic planning 
  • Technology 

Topics on which we have worked extensively include:

  • Assessment and metacognition (particularly using eportfolios) 
  • Educational technology
  • Federal education policy 
  • Integrative learning and general education 
  • Literacy 
  • Online communities of practice
  • Professional learning (for teachers, faculty, staff, educational leaders, and non-profit professionals)


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Who's the Group?


While Darren Cambridge does conduct some projects as an individual, he believes that collaboration can multiply impact. Drawing on relationships with researchers, educators, lobbyists, software developers, media producers, and social media influencers around the world, he can quickly engage the right mix of talent to meet your needs.